Friday, September 14, 2012

Island Spa Salt and Sugar Scrub with Vitamin E and Olive Oil- Ready to Ship

Whats great about this scrub is you get double the exfoliation as well as your skin being soft and moisturized!

Why is that great? because this scrub contains organic sugar as well as natural sea salt. Both help to remove dry dead skin, leaving you with smoother and softer skin underneath!

What about your skin being soft and moisturized? thats due to the olive oil being known for its moisturizing properties as well as protecting your skin, just like the vitamin E oil thats also in this scrub! Combine these oils together and you get soft and moisturized skin that lasts through several hand washings!

As for the fragrance itself, Island spa fragrance, contains fresh cranberries, palm leaves, tahitian noni juice,lychee berries, tamarind, and sun ripened fig. My fragrances that i use come from the amazing jenna of fragrance oil

Scrub arrives in a 8 oz jar and is ready to ship!

Ingredients include:
Organic Sugar
Natural Sea Salt
Olive Oil
Vitamin E oil
Island Spa Fragrance oil

Thanks for looking!

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