Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A little Glimpse into my life

My mom got me into making melt and pour soaps early last year and it became addicting for me.  My bath prodcucts are tested on me and my family and not on animals, as i am a animal love and have dogs and cats of my own.

I started pouring candles late last year and wanted to sell them online but i wanted to give them a try here at home and at various craft shows throuhout the southern california area. It was sort of like putting out a feeler and watching how it all goes over with ther general public first.

My moms been a big influence on me when it comes to crafts, as she crochets, and does needlepoint her ownself. I come from a family of crafters as well as artists. My grandmother painted (not houses lol) as well as my great aunt and i have another aunt who sews and has made many blankets by hand.

I also design one of a kind handcrafted jewelry and sell it at various craft shows and also online. I stay pretty busy lol.

You can view both of my shops online:

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