Thursday, June 3, 2010

Are you new to etsy and looking for a team to join?

Look no further than the etsy artists lounge! We accept new member applicants on the 1-5 of each month! If you are interested in joining a fun and creative and very friendly team, please read the application below and feel free to copy and paste this into a email and send it to:

1. Please include your shop name and email
2.Tell a little bit about your shop
3. How do you plan to be a active team member?
4. What skills and abilities will you bring to our team environment (outside of your shop)
5.Please allow 1 week for application to be considered.
6..Read and agree to team rules
7.. Email your application
Team Rules
1. NO arguing amongst members- this is grounds for removal from the team. Please take your disagreements to the team leader.
2..Please show support for other team members
3. Participation is strongly encouraged
4. Must have valid shop and email
The Etsy Artist Lounge, appreciates your interest.
Abyssal Gems
Team Leader and Secretery

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