Monday, August 23, 2010

The spearmint that i used for these great smelling soaps is a antiseptic as well as antispasmodic and a expectorant. Its good for fatigue, nervous strain, as well as stress.

Rosemary essential oil is a stimulant and its also good for aches and pains plus poor ciruclation and rheumatic problems, physical as well as mental fatigue and low blood pressure or in the early stages of pregnancy.

It's not normally used on those who are inclined to liver problems.

Glycerin helps the skin to retain is moisture. This is 100% pure vegetable glycerin soap and has 1/3 humectant moisturizers and is also enriched with aloe and vitamin e.

100% pure coconut oil was added to this soap because coconut oil has skin softening properties and makes the skin smooth and satin-like.

Ingredients include:


Propylene glycol

sodium stearate


sodium laurate

sorbitol(obtained from leaves, in some cases berries. Skin feels smooth and silky)

Sodium laureth sulphate

sodium lauryl sulphate

sodium chloride

stearic acid

lauric acid

vitamin e


pentasodium pentetate

tetra sodium etidronate

rosemary spearmint fragrance

cococut oil

shea butter


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  1. Sounds nice, love the color too. I hope this is a best seller for you.

    Victoria :)