Friday, October 29, 2010

Tranquil Mist Organic Sugar and Blueberry Scrub 8oz tin

Who doesn't love scrubs? i know i do! Especially when i've got dry dead skin that i want to remove.

Thats the beauty of scrubs! they remove the dry, dead, scaly skin from your hands, feet, and body to reveal softer, fresh, new skin underneath! How awesome is that? i know with the winter months just ahead of us, our skin gets dry and cracks and we all don't want that do we?

This scrub is made with organic sugar and blueberry seeds so you get a double effect of exfoliation. Nice right?

Scrub contains the scent of tranquil mist which is a combination of tangerine and lychee. Those two scents combined, along with the sugar and blueberryseeds, makes for one incredible scrub! For added moisture to your skin, i've included vegetable glycerin! What glycerin does is it helps to retain moisture to your skin.

How can you resist???

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