Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Aromatherapy Relaxation Soy Candle 12 oz jar

Whats in aromatherapy relaxation that would make you want to relax? It's a combination of lavender and white musk and is very calming!

Why soy candles?Soy candles are better for the environment because they burn cleaner and longer and are also natural. Soy is also a renewable resource, as well as a sustainable resource to the environment, whereas paraffin contains petroleum and emits toxins into the air that damages our lungs.

Candle arrives as shown, in a 12 oz glass jar and can be used anywhere in your home when you need some "me" time.

Never leave a candle unattended and keep out of the reach of children and pets and never lite a candle near something thats flammable.

Thanks for peeking in!

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