Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blackberry Tea Soy Melts- Package of 3

Why use soy? Soy is better for the environment because its burns cleaner and longer and is also natural. Soy is a renewable and sustainable resource to the environment whereas paraffin contains petroleum and emits toxins into the air that damages lungs. Who wants that? i know i idont.

The scent of these melts is blackberry tea. Blackberry tea has a woodsy and fruity scent to it that is AMAZING to smell throughout your home because the scent is powerful but not overwhelming. Thats a good thing right?

How are soy melts used? Use them in a oil burner or warmer, whichever one you prefer to use is ok and let them melt and enjoy the scent all day long! Whats even better is that once they've melted down to its liquid form and has cooled and hardened, dont be afraid to use them over and over. The scent will last you quite a long time!

If you have upper respiratory problems, these soy melts are the best thing. These are environmentally safe as well as environmentally friendly! thats another plus isnt it?

Each package contains 3 soy melts each and listing is for one but if you would like to purchase all four as shown in the images to the right, please convo me for price.

Thanks for looking!

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