Friday, June 24, 2011

Didnt get a chance to buy some $2 soap?

No worries there! More will be in my shop on june 27!

Heres what you can look forward to seeing:

nag champa olive oil soap (4 bars total)

Natural glycerin soap with organic jojoba oil and lemongrass essential oil (4 total and can be used as guest soap too)

Peppermint white glycerin soap (3 bars total)

Last but not least is lemon verbena goats milk soap. sorry but i only have 1 bar of this one for sale.

Be sure to check my shop on june 27 for these incredibly amazing soaps and yes its still free shipping!

In the meantime, come take a look at my ten dollar soap box sets! Better hurry and get yours because i only have 2 for sale and free shipping is also included!

thanks for all your support!

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