Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Coffee Scrub

Wake up your skin as well as your senses with this amazing coffee scrub! My coffee scrub is made with real coffee grounds, organic sugar, and blueberry seeds. This is like a triple exfoliation for your skin with all this combined!

You can really smell the coffee in this scrub and it makes for a great one to use in the morning when you need to wake up and have energy for the day!

Once you step in the shower or bath and use this scrub on your body, the smell of coffee is irrisistable!

Sweet almond oil and vitamin E helps to moisturize your skin and keep it that way throughout the day. I will give caution though, if you are allergic to nuts, this is not the scrub for you but i can use other bases such as organic olive oil or vegetable glycerin upon request and at time of checkout. Please let me know and i will be more than happy to accomodate you.

My scrubs are intended for the body only and not the face.

Scrub will arrive in a 4oz container. Larger size is upon request if you would like more.

Thanks for looking!

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