Friday, February 3, 2012

Red Vines Lip Balm with vitamin E- .15 oz tube

Dont you just love the smell of red vines licorice? makes you hungry when you smell them doesn't it?

Thats the flavor scent thats in my newest lip balms! Red Vines! These are even great for the kids to use because of the sweet fragrance!

Lip balms are great to use for the harsh dry winter months and mine are made with organic jojoba oil and natural beeswax and red velvet cupcakes fragrance oil. Why use jojoba oil? Jojoba oil is a great skin softener as well as a wonderful moisturizer and helps those dry and cracked lips out by healing them and keeping them soft and moisturzed throughout the day!

These also have vitamin e which gives these lip balms the extra moisture for those dry cracked lips and thats a even bigger plus and what you want in a lip balm!

My family and my self have personally tested all my lip balms and they do keep your lips soft and moisturzed the whole day!

Lip balms will arrive in a .15 oz round tube and is ready for shipping!

Ingredients include
Natural Beeswax
Organic Jojoba Oil
Red Vines flavored oil
Vitamin e oil

See? just five simple ingredients are in all my lip balms with only one small difference and that is the fragrance oil.

thanks for looking!

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