Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spa gift set

Spa Gift SetSpa Gift SetSpa Gift SetSpa Gift SetSpa Gift Set
A very relaxing and calming gift set thats sure to destress your body and mind!
This set is a two person job and was alot of fun to create as a team of 2 very talented ladies, that includes myself and my friend patti of peacoxcreations!

Click on the link to visit her shop!

The scrubbies were lovingly hand crocheted and the colors she chose are very gorgeous and very springy! These scrubbies aren't your normal scrubbies that are rough to the touch but rather they are soft and gentle on your skin and in my opinion, that would be what i would want for my own skin as im sure alot of you would want the very same for your own skin! Best of all, these can even be used on your kids! Thats even better isnt it?

As for the soap, this is coco butter soap which is very moisturizing for your skin and helps keep it soft and moisturized! I've combined 2 fragrances for this soap, which are day spa and island spa. These fragrances together really give a nice relaxing fragrance and is an all around amazing soap to use in the bath or the shower! Coco butter soap base is thought to improve skins elasticity and best of all, its hypo allergenic! Each of the 4 bars weighs 4oz

Keep the set for yourself for whenever you need a little escape or give it to a friend for any event!

Set includes:
3 Hand Crocheted Scrubbies
4 Day spa and island spa (remember, these fragrances are combined) coco butter bars of soap

Set will arrive as shown in the images to the right of this listing.
thanks for visiting peacox creations and black rose bath!

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