Monday, May 28, 2012

Camphor Organic Sugar Lip Scrub-Small Pot

The best thing for dry chapped lips is my lip scub! Why? scrubs of any kind help to remove dry dead skin and reveal smoother and softer skin. When it comes to our lips during the dry wintery months, or even the harsh summer months, we all want our lips soft and smooth right?

For this lip scrub, i've used camphor essential oil. How come? Camphor is very soothing and cooling for your skin and during the hot summer months, this is a true relief! I've also used natural jojoba oil! why? jojoba oil is moisturizing to your skin as well as your lips and helps to soften your lips! Thats what we all want is for our lips to be soft and smooth as well as moisturized isn't it?

Scrub is ready for shipping and will arrive as shown in a small pot.

Ingredients include:
Organic Sugar
Camphor Essential Oil
Natural jojoba oil

How to use:
Moisten your lips with water, apply scrub with fingertips in a circular motion, rinse and apply your favorite lip balm, such as this one if you would like a small matching set:

Voila! you have smooth, soft lips!

Use no more than twice a week.

Thanks for looking!

Lip Scrub is ready for shipping!

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