Friday, June 22, 2012

Tea Tree Lip Balm with Shea Butter-.15 oz tube

Whats great about my tea tree lip balm? Tea tree helps to heal dry and chapped lips, while the jojoba oil thats in this lip balm helps to keep your lips soft and moisturized! This is a wonderul lip balm to have right now during the hot summer months to protect your lips!

Whats even better is that this lip balm contains shea butter! whats shea butter do for your lips? Shea butter is also a great moisturizer for your lips so this is now double the moisturizing for those dry chapped lips!

It gets even better because shea butter contains a natural UV that helps protect your lips from the sun and even contains a spf of 6.

Another great benefit of shea butter is that it contains vitamins A E and F and all those are antioxidants that helps your skin retain elasticity as well as boosts collagen production.

My tea tree lip balm contains only a minimal of 4 ingredients, and they are:

Organic Jojoba Oil
Tea Tree Oil
Organic Shea Butter

See? Nothing more! Nothing less!

Lip Balms arrive in a .15 oz tube.

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