Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bergamot and Spearmint Salt Scrub- Large Size Jar

This scrub smells and works beautifully on your body! Whats great about scrubs is that they help to remove dry dead skin from your body, only to revealy new fresh, smooth skin underneath! how great is that? All the rough dry dead skin thats on your feet? gone! your elbows? gone! what more could you ask for with this scrub?

I do recommend that once you use my scrub, you use lotion afterwards to keep your skin smooth and moisturized throughout the day!

Now for the even better stuff that comes along with this amazing scrub!

Bergamot is excellent for skin care because it helps with psoriasis, eczema, acne and varicose veins. If you have dry itchy skin (and with the winter months ahead, who doesn't have it) this will be just the thing you need!

There is caution with bergamot and that is photosenstive, keep out of the sun.

Spearmint helps the support of the respiratory and nervous systems. it may also help open and release emotional blocks and bring a feeling of balance.

Scrub will arrive (as shown in the images to the right) in a large size plastic jar.

thanks for peeking in!

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